Castle Brand offers you the greatest value in grated and shredded cheese products in the market today. Not only do we carry and process all standard types and sizes of hard Italian cheeses, but we also excel at custom blending. Custom Blends are developed both in-house and per customer specifications.

6/5# 4/5# 2/20# 2/25# 0.5 oz – 16 oz 5 oz cups 3.5 gm – 7 gm
Asiago Shredded
Asiago Crumbled
Blue Cheese Crumbled
Cotija Crumbled
Cheddar Cubed
Cheddar Shredded
Feta Crumbled
Jack/Cheddar Blend Shredded
Monterrey Jack Cubed
Monterrey Jack Shredded
Mozzarella Cubed
Mozzarella Shredded
Parmesan Crumbled
Parmesan Grated
Parmesan Shaved
Parmesan Shredded
Provolone Cubed
Provolone Shredded
Romano Grated
Romano Shredded
Individual Sizes (RWT)
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